Wedding Flower
Preservation Specialists

Why Choose Us

I deeply regret not saving my wedding bouquet.  I spent so much time dreaming of how it would look and making sure our florist shared my vision completely (and not forgetting it cost a fortune).  I don't want another couple to feel the regret and disappointment I felt, so Suspended Petals was born. 


I've made it my mission to provide a modern, timeless and classic way for couples to keep their wedding flowers alive forever.

Here at Suspended Petals, we pride ourselves on building amazing relationships with our clients, we are in contact with you throughout the flower preservation process and update you at every step.  We send you photos of your flowers at multiple stages during our processes.  We also encourage you to have input into the final design, we want your persevered flowers to reflect your style and personality.  We aim to bring your vision to life.

A Word From Our Customers

If I could leave more than 5 stars I honestly would! We wanted to preserve our wedding flowers and thought these letters would be a good way of doing this... and they are! Our flowers were too big to preserve whole but Ronni found the best way to keep all the elements of our flowers and foliage. She kept me updated all the way through the process which I really appreciated and she made sure that our letters were perfect - we love them!

"A beautiful way to keep our wedding flowers. Admired by lots of people and the seller was lovely"

"Absolutely love this!!! My wedding bouquet is now up on the mantle piece to remind me every day of our special day!! Thanks so much!!"

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