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Bouquet Preservation

We can preserve your Flowers Forever 

Flower and bouquet preservation is specialist work but also worthwhile work. Here at Suspended Petals, to us and our clients, it is always a shame to have to throw away beautiful flowers after a memorable event. Whether it's funeral flowers & bouquets or wedding flower bouquets, we can encapsulate and preserve your flowers forever.


Leading Flowers Preserved Specialists

At Suspended Petals, we are passionate about flower preservation, whether it's wedding flowers or a bouquet of flowers. As the leading floral preservation company in the UK. We feel it's our duty and mission to offer the best wedding funeral flower preservation service to our clients. 

Preserve Flowers with our Special Occasion Flower Preservation 

We don't just undertake bridal flower preservation & wedding bouquet flower preservation. Special occasions flower preservation is for anyone or anything. Preserved flowers & floral tributes 

Flower Preservation Techniques

We use a few different techniques to preserve your flowers all involve drying out the flowers correctly. Most of our clients opt for wedding flower preservation resin, which is exactly what it says. The wedding bouquet or wedding flowers are professionally encased into a transparent resin. 

All work is undertaken by our in-house craftsmen and each process is completed by hand. A Bouquet of flowers that undergoes our preservation process will be completely bespoke and unique. 

Our bespoke pieces are personal to every client, no two pieces are ever the same. 

Flower Preservation Workshop - The Process

We pride ourselves on our passion and devotion to our high-quality craftsmanship approach and attention to detail. Whether it's a wedding funeral flower bouquet or a wedding flower preservation frame. All of our work is bespoke flower preservation wedding flower encapsulation is personal to every client. 

Wedding Flower Bouquet Preservation Specialists 

As a family-run close-knit business when it comes to wedding bouquets & wedding flowers. We have creative ways of encapsulating the incredible beauty of flowers and preserving their beauty forever.

Wedding Flowers & Wedding Bouquet Preservation Ideas 

Bridal & Wedding flower bouquet preservation is our most requested preservation service. Wedding flowers bouquet preservation can come in many forms using the actual flowers from wedding bouquets. See below for some inspirational ideas. 

Wedding Flower & Bouquet Preservation Selection 

  • Wedding bridal flowers preservation into floral paperweights 

  • Custom wedding bouquet preservation & Bridal bouquet preservation frame 

  • Bridal bouquet preservation ring wedding flower preservation 

  • Wedding flower preservation earrings 

Always and Forever Funeral & Wedding Flowers Keepsakes

Our unique keepsakes are available as rings, framed pictures, paperweights, tealight holders and differently shaped resin blocks. All of which make beautiful floral tributes for any wedding or commemorative event.

  • Bridal bouquet keepsake

  • Wedding keepsake 

  • Commemorative keepsake

If you would like us to preserve your wedding flowers or wedding bouquet or learn more about our husband/wife wedding bouquet preservation services. All contact information is on our website, after clicking the contact tab, just fill in the contact form and send us your message. 

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