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Bridal Bouquet Preservation

Wedding & Bridal Bouquet Preservation creates Treasured Keepsakes

Wedding flowers & bridal bouquet preservation offer a unique way to transform memories into cherished keepsakes. At Suspended Petals, we specialise in flower preservation techniques, such as pressing and resin encapsulation. Our processes freeze the bouquet's colours and textures, thus creating lasting mementoes. 

The Art of Flower Preservation and Why it Matters

Wedding flowers and bouquets have sentimental importance beyond just their aesthetic appeal. They serve as a physical embodiment of the feelings, aspirations, and commitments made on that memorable day. By using our services and preserving these flowers, you may stop time and immortalise the mood of the wedding.


Preserving Sentimental Moments

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, pressed and framed flowers carry deep sentimental value. These preserved blossoms hold special memories of significant occasions. A cherished gift, a meaningful celebration, or a token of love. Displayed in homes, they become conversation starters, invoking stories and emotions that bind us to our past.


Transforming Nature into Art

We carefully place each flower order to highlight its distinctive qualities, this calls for patience and creativity. The flowers can be arranged into beautiful compositions that perfectly represent the artistry of nature. Or encapsulated into clear resin, to be admired and a captured glimpse of nature's beauty. The delicate petals, brilliant hues, and complex features during our processes will be beautifully preserved.

Choosing the Right Flowers to Preserve 

When it comes to wedding bouquet preservation, bear in mind that not every flower is suitable. More so than others, certain kinds hold onto their colours and shape better. 

The varieties that do retain their colours and shape better are roses, lilies, and orchids. These are known for their durability, making them excellent candidates for custom bouquet preservation. 

Make sure that the flowers you choose for your bouquet will last the test of time. We recommend chatting with us as a preservation specialist or a florist before making your wedding flowers.

Capturing Timeless Moments with Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Wedding bouquet preservation is a way to save the feelings and beauty of the special day forever. At Suspended Petals, we use methods, such as pressing or resin encapsulation to turn fragile blossoms into enduring long-lasting treasures.

Techniques for Wedding Flower Preservation

Wedding Flower Preservation with Pressing and Framing

To preserve flowers, their shape, colour, and aroma, the flower preservation process needs to be closely followed. The flowers must be properly dried between sheets of absorbent paper. 

Pressed flowers become appealing pieces of art when they are framed, adding a touch of personality through arrangement and design.


Wedding Flower Preservation with Resin Encapsulation

Individual flowers or complete bouquets are encased in a clear, long-lasting resin during the resin encapsulation process. The tactile pleasures, delicate textures, and even the subtle colours of the blossoms make for a beautiful bridal flower bouquet keepsake. 


Preserved Flowers - Display and Care

Following the completion of the bridal flower preservation process, your preserved wedding keepsake can be beautifully displayed. The possibilities are as wide as your imagination, whether it be bridal bouquet framing on the wall, a resin-encapsulated glass heart shape on a mantle, or a gem block.

For more wedding bouquet preservation ideas, please visit our website. Here we showcase the different wedding bouquet flower preservation display options.

We recommend avoiding exposing your preserved bouquet to high humidity levels or direct sunlight. Occasional gentle dusting from time to time to keep a preserved wedding flower looking its best.

Get in Touch

For unrivalled flower preservation wedding flower advice, Contact us right away. We offer the ideal preservation methods whether you want to preserve a single stem or a whole bouquet. We are specialists when it comes to preserving your flowers and preserving the memories that come with them.

Together we will create timeless souvenirs from your finest floral memories from your special day. 

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