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Dried Wedding Flowers

Every trend eventually goes out of style, but this time dried wedding flowers are the once-popular decoration on everyone's mind. Wedding flower bouquets made of dried flowers, which are renowned for their unpretentious style and vintage appeal, are more adaptable than ever. All wedding flower decorations, including bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and flower archways, benefit from the subtle texture that dried flowers give. What precisely are dried flowers, and why are they so common for weddings throughout the year? You need to consider and take care of many things when arranging your wedding, including your dress, the cake, the flowers, and other details. One of the most crucial elements of any wedding or marriage ceremony is the flowers. Flowers offer colour and beauty, allowing the bride and groom to express their personality on their special day through flower bouquets and flower crowns. Let's say you want to decorate your wedding with trendy dried flowers. In that case, you should be aware that there are several advantages to choosing them over fresh flowers for your wedding décor, some of which may surprise you.

Bouquet of Dry Flowers

Dried Flowers are Long Lasting

Dried flowers can be used to create practically any type of wedding, whether you're picturing a bohemian nuptial, a stylish city wedding, or even a cosy backyard party. With so many alternatives available, they are incredibly adaptable, so your florist should be able to put together whatever flower arrangement you have in mind. Additionally, the slight difference between them and fresh flower arrangements will help them stand out even more! The fact that dried flowers can last a lot longer than fresh flowers is one of their best qualities. Because they won't have to bother about changing the flowers every few days, this is fantastic news for couples who are planning a wedding on a tight budget. Additionally, you will be able to preserve your bridal flower bouquet as a reminder of your unforgettable day. After the big day has passed, some individuals even utilise their dried wedding flowers to create wreaths and other flower arrangements. This trend is worth experimenting with because these flower creations may be built quickly and easily.

Environmentally Friendly

Utilizing the in-vogue dried flowers is a terrific way to make your wedding eco-friendly, which is something that more and more couples are striving to do. Due to the fact that it is less expensive than fresh flowers, you will not only save money but also lessen your influence on the environment. They are ideal if you want to have a destination wedding because they last longer. Try searching Suspended PETALS to look up our wedding dried flower trends if you're having difficulties picking which flower style to employ. Our website, Catering for all budgets, features some lovely arrangements and floral gifts.

Natural Looking Bouquets

The fact that dried flowers can look more natural than fresh flowers is a major advantage of utilising them in floral wedding decor. This is so that they may be kept and dried while maintaining their natural form and colour. They won't dry out in the sun or droop from dehydration. Additionally, you don't have to be concerned about them getting smaller throughout the wedding ceremony. As a result, you may enjoy your dried flower bouquets all day. 

Arranging Them is Easy

More people than ever are embracing the trend of dried wedding flowers. And it's understandable why; dried flowers are relatively simple to arrange and bring a touch of natural beauty to any space. Additionally, they are frequently less expensive than fresh flowers. Therefore, this can be a strategy to cut costs on your wedding flowers. They can also be used as place cards or escort cards as part of your wedding's décor. You don't have to worry about maintaining fresh flowers that wilt after only a few days because these blooms stay a long time. If you keep them away from bright sunshine and humidity, they'll stay gorgeous for months. Another fantastic feature of fashionable dried flowers for weddings? You won't feel bad discarding them after the big day because they are biodegradable.

Have a variety of hues, forms, and sizes

Don't feel constrained to use only neutral colours, even if gentle earth tones are the most common sort of dried flowers. Dried flowers come in a variety of hues, including reds, purples, blues, and yellow, to mention a few. Even smaller versions of your bouquet can be made to complement the posies, buttonholes, and corsages worn by your bridesmaids.

You can select the ideal dried flower trend to match your wedding's theme or colour design. With the variety of sizes and shapes available for dried flowers, you can be creative with your arrangements. There is something for everyone because you can choose from a variety of hues. After your wedding, they are simple to clean up, transport, and store. With so many advantages (and few disadvantages), it's no surprise that more and more couples are deciding to use dried flowers at their weddings instead of fresh ones. Even while it might seem like an odd decision, we guarantee you'll agree until you see how lovely dried flowers look on the big day!

Versatile in Flower Combinations

You truly have a tonne of options, from lavender, camomile, and carnations to star flowers, billy buttons, and straw flowers! Additionally, they come in a range of forms and colours. You can mix and combine items based on your preferences and fashion sense with the knowledge that they will endure.

Since a few years ago, dried flowers have been increasingly popular for weddings. The versatility of dried flowers' combinations is one of their best qualities. The two can be combined, or even both fresh and silk. Everything relies on your goals and personal preferences. Choose a dried flower bouquet if you want to have an environmentally responsible wedding. Use several fresh flowers if you want something more opulent. The possibilities are boundless when you have so many options at your disposal. Using a variety of pieces will help you create the ideal appearance for your special day. No matter what style you prefer—elegant, traditional, rustic, modern, bohemian, or natural—you'll find the ideal combination of hues and materials to reflect your character.

Serve as Favors & Gifts

Your guests will adore the distinctive and unforgettable wedding favours made from dried flowers. They are also inexpensive and simple to DIY. Additionally, if you want to save paying for flowers, they might serve as décor. They make an easy centrepiece when placed in a vase or bowl with water. To personalise your present, you may add dried flowers to practically anything, including handmade bath bombs, candles, soaps, lotions, and even shampoos. Because they give your guests a souvenir that is exclusively yours, personalised presents are fantastic. A DIY project is an ideal method to incorporate your personal style into a product. And it's not only about what's inside the box; it's also about how it appears when it's packaged. 

Wedding Dried Flowers Are Affordable

You might not know this, but dried flowers for weddings can be reasonably priced. This is due to the fact that they last longer than fresh flowers and there is less chance of them fading on your special day. Additionally, there are many ways to incorporate dried flowers into your wedding decor, allowing you to be creative and cut costs at the same time. You might use them as place cards, boutonnieres, or to add preserved flowers to your cake. If those reasons aren't enough to persuade you, consider these additional advantages of having dried flowers at your wedding.

A Flowery Conclusion

One of the most significant days in a person's life is their wedding, therefore it makes sense that couples would want everything to be ideal. Everything must be perfect—the setting, the attire, and the menu. What about the flowers, though? They unquestionably rank among the most significant aspects of any wedding or marriage ceremony. Flowers offer colour and beauty, allowing the bride and groom to express their personality on their special day through bouquets and flower crowns. Fresh flowers are always lovely, but they may be pricey. Because of this, an increasing number of couples opt to use dried flowers in their wedding bouquets. Trendy dried flowers offer numerous advantages over fresh flowers. They can be more distinctive and are more durable and inexpensive.

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