The Answers You Need

How do send my flowers?

The process of sending your flowers is simple & stress free.  We have complied a PDF file that will be sent to you via email once your order is complete with all the information you'll need.  You will also find information on the process your flowers will go through whilst with us as well as timelines on how long each process will take.

Do I need to order in advance?

No, there is no need to order in advance, we can work with your flowers up to 3-4 days after your event.  We do however recommend sending flowers to us as soon as possible.  Orders are processed in the order flowers arrive with us rather than the date ordered so please keep this in mind.

How long will the process take?

The process of preserving flowers is delicate & requires a lot of care.  We have perfected our technique so that we have the process as efficient as possible.  Drying your flowers takes 2-3 weeks, your flowers need to have no moisture in them when they are set in resin otherwise they will turn brown as water and resin do not mix well.  Once dry, your flowers will be set into resin, this process is time consuming & has to be done with care.  Resin has to be poured in layers, each layer requires 24 hours to set before the next layer can be poured.  In total this process can take 7-10 days depending on the size of your final design.  Smaller designs will obviously require less time.

My flowers are already dry, can you use these?

Yes!  We can use flowers that have already been dried, this will be a quicker processing time which will mean your order will take approximately 2 weeks from the date your flowers arrive with us.

Can I only have flowers encased in resin?

Resin is suitable for encasing a large variety of things.  If you have the ribbon from your bouquet, a brooch, token, sixpence etc that you would like adding into your final design we can accommodate that.  All we ask is you complete the relevant section when you place your order & make sure these items are included in with your flowers when you send them to us.

What is resin?

Resin is a polymer, it has many uses from flooring, jewellery, homeware & of course flower preservation.  The resin we use is crystal clear & has a glass like appearance & is extremely hardwearing.

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations are accepted up to 24 hours after orders are placed, after this time they are at my discretion & subject to a £50 cancellation fee, this would be deducted from any refund.  Should you wish for flowers to be returned to you there will be additional postage fees which will be calculated on an individual basis.

Every flower preservation piece is custom made so once the resin pouring process has started no refunds or cancellations will be accepted.  Your order will be completed as instructed when you ordered & your completed items will be sent to you.