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Flower Preservation Company

Flowers truly are wonderful things - Flowers look beautiful, smell great, and can add a fresh touch to your home. Unfortunately, flowers die after a while. How do you combat this? By using a flower preservation company like Suspended Petals, that's how. Your flowers can be immortalised and enjoyed for many years.

Why Use A Flower Preservation Company?

The newest technology and solutions are best available to you from businesses that have specialised in floral preservation for a while, enabling you to receive a genuinely personalised preserved display of your flowers that you will love for years to come. The resin that the bouquet is set in can be shaped into a number of different applications such as tealight holders, picture frames, block letter initials and more.

How Are Flowers Preserved?

There are many different techniques for preserving flowers but it is essentially drying the flower petals and then setting them in resin. It is vital to ensure that all of the petals are completely dry, if they aren't then they will begin to go brown and rot. We use a special technique at Suspended Petals to ensure that your flowers are dried correctly and preserved in a way that will last a lifetime.

Wedding Bouquet Preservation

- Why Preserve Your Wedding Flowers?

Wedding flowers may be the second most expensive aspect of your special day, after the setting. Most people are unaware of this, which is one excellent reason to conserve your flowers rather than discard them after the wedding. You can keep your wedding flowers forever and have them as lovely as they were on your wedding day for a tiny additional fee (in comparison to the cost of the flowers).

You'll have something you can touch and look at every day once everything is finished to serve as a constant reminder of how wonderful your wedding was. Your preservation piece can be displayed in your living room as an eye-catching piece of decor, serving as a constant reminder of your wedding. These items are a step above images because the flowers, which played a significant role in the celebration, can be preserved for all time as a memento of your memorable wedding.

Benefits of Bridal Bouquet Preservation

Everyone likes a flower bouquet, especially if the flower bouquet has sentimental value. Our affordable flower preservation alternatives are wonderful presents for maids of honour, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride and groom. What a wonderful way to thank your family for supporting you on your wedding day by giving them a tea light holder filled with beautiful bridal flowers that will always remind them of your special day.

Wedding Flowers Preservation Is Safe

Organic, non-toxic substances are used in the flower preservation procedure. Even food is made with glycerin, a crucial flower preservation process element, to retain moisture, as well as in treatments for dry, sensitive skin. It helps to prevent evaporation by helping to bind water inside organic tissue. So your bridal bouquet won't ever need to be watered.

Wedding Flower Preservation Is Environmentally Friendly

It's important to note how much of an environmental impact wedding flower preservation can have. They give no cause for concern regarding the environment. In reality, wedding flower preservation assists in easing a few of its issues. As a result, compared to replacing regular flowers several times, the resources needed for a person to own them are far cheaper.

A Preserved Bouquet Is Easy To Care For

Ordinary flowers seem like a burden in comparison to preserved flowers. Fresh-cut flowers require a variety of routine maintenance procedures, including watering, caring for the stems, trimming, and more. The owner needs to do very little to maintain a preserved flower bouquet. Wedding bouquet preservation means you can just sit back and enjoy your beautiful flower.

Flower Preservation Is Practical


It's unfortunate when lovely wedding flowers are tossed away or wasted. The advantage of preserved flowers is that once you buy them, time does not run out. There is still plenty of time to display them in a desirable location, share them with someone, or give them as a special gift. A preserved wedding bouquet might remain in the same condition as when they were abandoned for extended periods of time. The main benefit in preserving your wedding flower bouquet is time.

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