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Suspended Petals - The Flower Preservation Specialists

We will be looking at flower preservation today, why it is a good idea and what you can do with it.

What is Flower Preservation?

Flower preservation is the method of carefully drying flowers and petals to retain their beauty for months or years without fear of them going brown or rotting. There is no need for preserved flowers to be watered or sat in sunlight which makes them very low-maintenance. You certainly do not need to do anything to the plant but you will need to clean the area where the flowers are presented.

The preservation process can take between 3 and 12 months so it is important to plan in advance.

Wedding Bouquet Preservation

- Why You Should Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

As mentioned above, preserved flowers are durable and require no maintenance. Because of the preservation procedure, the plants retain their original beauty and vibrant appearance for months or even years without needing any water or light.

They are cost-effective because, unlike fresh flowers, which have a short lifespan, preserved flowers can last for years, which is better for your bank balance.

Beautiful blooms are preserved - Flowers that have been kept while retaining their vibrant colours appear wonderful and fresh and will fill your home with flowery joy for years to come.

They are a more sustainable option to fresh flowers because of how long they persist. Unlike fresh flowers, which only survive for a few days or weeks, preserved flowers can be enjoyed for up to a year or even longer with proper care. They are therefore a more sustainable way to bring flowers into your home. Our preserved flowers are set in resin to ensure they last even longer.

Wedding Flower Preservation Gifts

For every occasion or relationship, whether it be a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or Mother's Day, preserved flowers are wonderful. They are suitable for people who might be allergic to pollen, so you don't need to worry. Additionally, they never draw bugs and insects. To delight your loved ones on important occasions, you can get preserved flower delivery in the UK at our online store.

The preserved wedding bouquet is presented in tasteful and classic boxes/domes/shapes and is prepared for display in any location. Wedding bouquet preservation complements the home decor and gives the room a unique glow.

Picture the scene - you caught the wedding bouquet and you want to get the bride something beautiful as a thank you for a wonderful day. Why not give the bride back her bouquet (or at least some of it) by preserving the wedding flowers and presenting them as an elegant gift? The wedding flower preservation gifts in our online store come in a variety of options that are set in resin. You can have the wedding flowers in almost any shape you like, such as a display with the wedding date, the venue, etc.

Why Use Suspended Petals To Turn Your Wedding Bouquets Into Forever Flowers

The flowers go through a transformation process that stabilises the natural plant, but our approach doesn't employ any materials like plastic or synthetic fabrics that are commonly used in artificial flowers.

The preservation method halts all biological processes that encourage the plant's ageing in order to guarantee that it maintains its perfect moment and looks like a living plant.

None of our products are preserved using freeze-drying methods. The qualities of the product that are crucial for giving it a fresh appearance are destroyed by freeze-drying.

Preserving Memorial Flowers

Preserved flowers are a better option for the environment because they are completely biodegradable. They are comparatively more cost-effective because they don't need frequent care or watering. The flowers that have been kept will serve as a constant reminder of your love and bring back wonderful memories of your time together.

Preservation of funeral flowers honours a wonderful person's life rather than recalling the funeral. With our vast knowledge, we can assist you in making a unique memorial item that respects and celebrates the life of your loved one. At funerals and memorial events, flowers have traditionally been a solace-inspiring symbol of respect, affection, and even jubilation. Preservation of funeral flowers is becoming more and more common as people become aware of how special it is to retain a recollection of the occasion that served as their loved one's ultimate homage.

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