How we Work

Your preservation will be with you for a lifetime, with this in mind we want to create a piece that reflects you.  We offer a bespoke service to every customer, we welcome your input in the design of your preservation. 


Step One: Get In Touch

  • Call or email us, we require a £35 deposit to secure your booking with us, we only take a limited amount of orders per month in order to keep our quality at its best.

Getting your flowers to us is easy: 

  • Package your flowers following our instructions (sent to you via email once your deposit or order is placed).

  • We recommend sending via Royal Mail Next Day Delivery - This usually costs between £5 - £10

  • Wish to hand deliver your flowers?  We'd love to meet you in person, all we ask is you arrange a time with us before you pop by! 

Step Two: Preservation

  • Once your flowers arrive with us we begin the preservation process by dying your flowers.

  • We take notes on your flowers, there condition and any damage or bruising that is visible.  You will be informed when they've arrived with us safely and of there condition on arrival.

  • We carefully dismantle your bouquet or flower arrangement where necessary by hand.  We will keep any additional items attached to your flowers such as charms, ribbons etc.  These can either be used in your preservation or sent back with your completed preservation. 

  • The process of drying flowers take 2-6 weeks.​


Step Four: Completed Preservation

  • You will be informed that your order is complete and where your preferred communication option allows, we will send you pictures of your completed pieces.​

  • We will let you know the scheduled day for your order to be sent and you will receive an email with a tracking number on this day.

  • If you wish to collect your finished preservation that's absolutely fine!  Just arrange a time with us before you come!

  • We send all completed orders via Royal Mail Next Day Delivery, they delivery everyday except Sunday.  We never ship on a Saturday in order to prevent your order sitting in a sorting office.  


Step Three: Pick Your Products

  • We will be in touch when your flowers are dry.

  • Creating the perfect design for you is so important to us, we welcome any and all input in order to create the best product for you. 

  • This stage takes between 2 - 6 months to complete depending on the products ordered and the complexity of your requirements.  We will do our best to provide a more accurate timeframe, these will be estimates as we like to take our time creating your products.