What do I do with my wedding flowers now?


Have you ever even considered what's going to happen to your flowers after your wedding day? No of course you haven't, why would you right? Who thinks about what's going to happen with all that stuff after the big day, it's not mentioned anything on any of the online checklists or in the wedding planning book you got when you got engaged. I bet even your florist never even mentioned the idea of flower preservation to you, that's why your here & I'm so happy you are!

Did you know the average cost for wedding flowers in the U.K is £1,500, that's ALOT of money, a heck of a lot of money...although I think I spent a little bit more than that for my own wedding flowers. They were stunning though! We had a fabulous florist who my family have used for every occasion for more years than I can remember, she's an amazingly talented lady. Evergreens Florist in Nuneaton, if your local you can find her in Attleborough, honestly you won't be disappointed if you put your faith in her for your big day, I promise!

Back to the topic of what on earth to do with your wedding bouquet when all the pretty pictures are taken & everyone has cooed over how beautiful it is. There are many ways to preserve your flowers that has been around for years. There's the 3D box frame that is quite frankly enormous, would never fit on a wall and doesn't exactly fit in with a modern aesthetic these days. You can let them dry naturally & end up keeping them in the loft forever, never to see the light of day again except when you move house. Or...you can come to us! We have an ultra modern & luxurious way to preserve your wedding flowers that allows you to showcase them in your home. Our designs not only look amazing but is there to remind of your wedding day every time you see them!

Resin is fast becoming the hottest trend right now when it comes to preserving your wedding flowers. It truly allows for your flowers to be shown in the best possible way, its a crystal clear material that keeps your flowers looking just as stunning as they did on the day, forever! Here at Suspended Petals we have streamlined our preservation process to be stress free and easy, because quite frankly, who wants to be stressed after the wedding? That's the time for you both to unwind, relax, bask in the awesome day you've had & enjoy your time as a newly wed couple! So complete the perfect day & create a wedding bouquet keepsake that will last a lifetime.