Quick & Easy Ways To Dry Your Flowers At Home

Love the idea of preserving your wedding flowers? Scared to send your precious flowers off to a professional? Just don't want to spare the expense of using a company to do it for you? And now your thinking ‘how on earth do I do it?’ Don’t panic, I’m here to help! These are the 2 easiest and simplest ways to dry flowers at home, you don’t need to buy any expensive equipment or have years of practice to use these methods. I like to call this blog post 'Flower Drying for Dummies' it really is that easy, I promise!

Option 1:

Air Drying, this is by far the easiest method of drying your flowers at home. All you will need is a dark cupboard, unflavoured dental floss or string and of course your bouquet!

Step 1: Untie your bouquet

Step 2: Remove leaves and heavily foliage on the stem below the flower head

Step 3: Tie 2-3 flowers tightly together with your dental floss or string, roughly 2 inches from the bottom of the stems

Step 4: Place in a dark cool room, closet or cupboard where there is no natural light but good air circulation

Step 5: Leave for 2-3 weeks, check on the from time to time to see how they are drying. You will know they fully dry once the flowers feel like paper and rustle when moved. They may take longer to dry during winter months and less time during summer months due to the temperature and humidity.

When your flowers are fully dry you can do what ever you want with them, however its best to keep them out of direct sunlight for the rest of their lives if you want them to keep looking pretty, the sun will bleach the colour from them and they will look sad.

Option 2:

Pressing: this technique has been used for hundreds of years and is quite simple but can take some time when pressing an entire bouquet. Now you can go out and buy a fancy flower press that will likely cost you upwards of £60...or you can be savvy and use books!! Your likely to have them lying around the house, if not you'd be able to get some cheap from charity shops or even asking friends and family to have a clear out!

Using a book is the option for you! The times of yellow pages seem to be long gone by now but if you or anyone you know has some old copies floating around, grab them! They are the perfect book to press your wedding flowers, not only are they heavy but the pages are absorbent, so it’s gives you everything you’ll need. Get your books, some parchment paper and your flowers and your all set to get started. Make sure your flowers are clean and dry, place some parchment paper on the pages of the book, place your flowers on the paper and close the book. Repeat this for as many flowers or books you have, then once they’re all in the books, either find some other books or anything else you may have that’s heavy and will put pressure on the books and place on top of your flower books. This will encourage the flowers to flatten as well as help the moisture seep out causing them to dry. Your flowers will need around 4 weeks before they’re ready to be removed from the book.

TOP TIP: when you come to take your flowers out, be careful when peeling back the parchment paper. You need to be 100% certain that your flowers are dry, if they aren’t you may rip the petals when peeling the paper due to them sticking. Also be careful if your wedding flowers are dry, they are fragile and need to be handled with care. Have a large tray or empty table at hand to place your flowers on as you take them out of the books.

Both of these methods are great for DIY’ers, there are plenty of videos on YouTube if you’re a visual learner or want to follow along. Both will give you great results if you can’t afford or don’t want the expense of sending them off to professional preservation company. If you air dry them then most preservation companies will be able to work with them years down the line if you decide you’d like them professionally preserved in resin or a frame for example!

Have fun while you do them, why not get a few of your best friends over and make an evening of it!