History Of The Bridal Bouquet

Now we all know a bride is 'supposed' to carry a bouquet down the aisle but have you ever wondered why? What's the meaning behind it, is there a meaning to it or is it just something we've all come expect? Come with me on a journey to find out about the history of the wedding bouquet, why it's a thing and how we've adapted it into our modern wedding ceremonies!

Well....this subject took me down a rabbit hole...there are mixed views on when and how the tradition of the bridal bouquet started which I found fascinating! I thought I'd share all of them with you because it could be one or all of them that created such a beautiful part of our weddings today.

It is believed that the tradition of carrying a bouquet started in Ancient times. In Ancient Greece brides would carry posies made from spices and herbs, a popular choice was a posy of garlic interwoven with herbs. The strong smells were believed to have warded off evil spirits that were thought to curse newlyweds. In Ancient Rome brides wore or carried garlands that were believed to bring fidelity, signified new beginnings and fertility. Ancient Greece's tradition was to carry a posy of herbs and spices, usually garlic interwoven with herbs, it was thought this would ward off spirits intent on cursing the newlyweds. On a similar line, the use of heavily scented herbs and spices were also used, it was thought they would drive away evil spirits, bad luck, ill health whilst also covering up body odour in the Middle Ages.

Queen Victoria when she married Prince Albert made the wedding bouquet popular, it was only in the Victorian Era that flowers were included in bouquets. Queen Victoria also started the tradition of royal brides carrying myrtle in there bouquets, using a cutting from her own bouquet she planted a garden of myrtle at Fulham Palace. Prince Albert once gifted Queen Victoria with a brooch shaped like a spring of orange blossom, then for her wedding to him a few months later she she wore a headdress of real orange blossom.

Flowers during this era started to become a way lovers would express their love, each flower had a different meaning and there gifting soon became popular along with being linked to romantic feelings. Thanks to this flowers soon became a tradition at weddings, brides would carefully choose the flowers due to there meaning and these flowers would become 'her flowers' for the rest of her life.

In the modern day most brides choose to have a bouquet just because they're pretty...it also helps with the awkward feeling of what to do with your hands while your walking down the aisle.

This is a perfectly acceptable reason to have a bouquet, in fact flowers and the bouquet are often one of the most important parts of a wedding to a lot of brides. Whether your a tradition bride or not, if you want to carry a bouquet, go for it!!! If you don't then don't! What I love about the world today is how couple are embracing their unique tastes and truly planning weddings that express themselves to the world! I adore how some traditions are changing and adapting as the years go by and how couple truly make there wedding days all about them!!

I really hoped you learning some new and interesting things reading this blog. It certainly took me down a rabbit hole I hadn't expected and has given me lots of new ideas for blogs that I really hope you'll enjoy as much as this one!