The Ultimate Guide To Chosing Your Wedding Florist

So you've recently gotten engaged (congratulations!) and are now caught up in the fever of planning for the big's certainly a daunting task! I remember planning my own wedding and not having a clue where where start, there's so much to organise.

Other than the dress & venue I remember being adamant I wanted the biggest & prettiest bouquet I could get. That's my bouquet pictured above! I googled wedding bouquets images so many times it was ridiculous. Then it was time to find a I was really lucky as my family have used the same florist for so many of our occasions for years so I knew exactly who to go and see. She truly is an artist and amazingly talented, she's never failed to exceed expectations whatever the occasion! Evergreens in Attleborough, Nuneaton if your local, she is the best!

I appreciate this isn't always the case and it can be a really overwhelming decision. What if they don't make it how I see in my head? What if they don't put enough flowers in? What if they don't understand my vision? What if, what if what if. There's so many things to keep in mind when choosing a florist. You need to figure out who and where all the florists are in your area firstly, there's probably quite a few! Ask friends and family if they've used any of them & what their experiences were. They will be brutally honest with their opinions!

Search for all the florists websites & social media pages and stalk their work, make sure they actually do wedding flowers, you'd be surprised not all florists do. Look through their pages as far back as you can, this will give a true vision of the style they work with and you'll quickly be able to tell if they're going to be someone you even want to talk to. Whittle the local list down as much as you feel is enough, unless you have the time to visit every single one to discuss your ideas.

If you've chosen your venue it would be good to ask them if they have any recommendations, at least then you'll know that florist is likely able to deliver to the venue if you want them too. Alot of venues have trusted suppliers for lots of different aspects of the wedding they don't cover so it's worth looking into these for more than your flowers.

When you've decided on the florists you want to meet and talk to, pop into the shops or get in touch and make an appointment. Make sure the first question you ask before making any appointments is to see if they are actually available on your wedding date! Don't waste your time or theirs by going to an appointment when you don't know if they even have the date available.

Create a list of questions to ask, here's some to get you started:

  • Will (insert flower name here) be in season?

  • If they aren't in season can they get them and how much would it cost?

  • Can they suggest any alternatives if they can't get the ones you love?

  • Do they offer wedding packages?

  • When do you create the bouquets & button holes?

  • Can you deliver to (insert venue here)?

  • Can they work with your budget?

  • Will they set the flowers up at the venue?

  • Will they move any flowers from the ceremony room to the reception area?

  • Will they do a mock up of your bouquet before the big day?

  • How much is the deposit to secure your date?

  • Can they provide a bouquet for tossing, is it included or extra? (if you want one)

Seriously the amount of questions you could ask is astronomical, these should give you a good base to start with. Hopefully they'll help you to think of anything else you might want to ask. In my opinion a good florist or any wedding supplier will answer most of the questions you've prepared in their own sales pitch or just through the conversations you have. After all it is their job right, they've spoken to hundreds of keep that in mind and if you feel the florist or any other company is being a little evasive...RUN...well don't actually run, that's not nice. Once the meeting ends thank them for there time & go somewhere else!!

The biggest piece of guidance I can give you is to go with your gut. You will get a sense for the best florist for you. As long as their reviews and pictures of their previous work check out you won't go wrong!

Happy planning!!! Comment & let me know if you found this useful or if you have any questions for other couples that I haven't mentioned above!

Don't forget to see me to preserve those gorgeous flowers!!

Ronni ♡

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