Preserved Roses From Suspended Petals

Preserved Roses are 100% real flowers that have been preserved. Even if they appear to be composed of silk or another substance from a distance, they aren't. It's vital that your roses are cut while they're at their most attractive to preserve them permanently. The roses will be dried in a few days or weeks. You can contact us several weeks in advance of your planned event to organise the design and the day in which the flowers will be sent to us.


The first thing that springs to mind is whether or not fresh flowers can be used in resin. The answer is no, because fresh flowers are biological, and if you don't properly dry them before putting them in the resin, they will turn brown and rot. What makes Preserved Flowers so much more expensive than Fresh Flowers? Flower preservation is a time-consuming and costly procedure that involves the application of high-grade, non-toxic, cosmetic-grade chemicals. Only the greatest grade flowers are used to ensure preserved flowers meet the stringent quality control criteria.


Your preserved roses will survive one to three years if kept in a vase or on a shelf. Your flowers can remain even longer if you keep them in a sealed container. A preserved rose flower jar can cost as little as £80, but it can last you the full year, if not longer. That works up to only a few pennies a day and is a lot less expensive in the long run. Especially if you wish to start a collection!


Originally shown to the Royal Society in London by William Hyde Wollaston in 1813, the freeze-drying business did not discover the attractiveness and longevity of freeze-dried flowers until the late 1980s. Freeze drying is a method of removing water from perishable products in order to extend their shelf life and/or prepare them for transportation. Since then, preserving roses and other flowers has been an art form many appreciate. Many people still continue to press and frame flowers that hold a special place in their heart. Preserved roses are the most common flowers to be dried and preserved. Whether it be love or loss, we strive to keep your flowers looking their best for the years to come.

Are preserved roses real roses? 

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How do you preserve a rose permanently? 

What’s the difference between preserved & dried flowers?

The process of the preservation of roses is similar to that of drying, with the main difference being that the flowers are preserved using more precise methods. The stem, foliage, and blooms will not have a wrinkled texture. Your rose will remain forever beautiful. Flowers are preserved in this manner so that they retain their exquisite appearance and feel, as if they were newly cut, luxury flowers. The roses natural beauty is clearly ruined after being fully dried, and the visual pleasure of the blossoms is impaired, although a coloration process can slightly improve it. By preserving the rose whilst it’s as fresh as possible, we can offer a high quality product at a reasonable rate. We can incorporate your roses or flowers into candle holders, coasters, letters and various different shapes.


With a click of your mouse, you can quick view our collection for inspiration and plant identification on our website. We offer box packages that include an assortment of items if you wish to start your very own collection. The sale price is indicated under each picture. Each item is priced individually per unit. The size of the art piece can be seen in the options menu when you select the preserved item to view. We can have a more indepth conversation regarding sizes depending on the amount of flowers you have.


In most cases, we can create art works and further add-ons in 2-6 months. This takes into account pressing/drying/preserving as well as the time it takes to create your art piece. Please ensure you send a collection of all flowers, plants or items you wish to have implemented in the design. We can help you with your colour coordination and recommend ideas depending on the design you have chosen.


We offer a nationwide preservation service and free delivery service. We ask that flowers are sent no later than seven days past an event to ensure we can maintain the flower’s colour and beauty. We would advise you to send your flowers in a large, hard, round hat box as this will prevent damage when being transported. We will contact you if there are any problems with the items received. 

Suspended Petals can preserve and encapsulate your roses so they can be displayed indefinitely. Flowers from wedding bouquets, funeral tributes, engagements, anniversaries, valentines and any special occasion are all preserved by us to order. Please get in touch using the ‘Contact Us’ form to get started. You can call us directly on the number provided on our website or email us with pictures of the flowers you intend to use. You can also view our work on Facebook and Instagram.


We will notify you once your flowers arrive with us. They'll next be prepped for drying, which will take at least two weeks. We'll send you another email with an updated dispatch time once they're ready for the resin process. This is also the moment for us to talk about how you want your preservation pieces to look. Please let us know if there are any designs from our collection that you would like to incorporate into your design.


We will begin making your preservation designs after your flowers have arrived and dried. Depending on the design chosen, this could take anywhere from one to four weeks. We'll let you know as soon as it's finished, and we'll send you photos. It will be delivered to you the next working day; unless a courier service has been arranged, we dispatch all completed orders via Royal Mail Special Delivery. We put a lot of love and attention into every preservation item, and we hope it shows when your flowers are returned to you.