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Preserved Wedding Flowers

At Suspended Petals, we have a number of items to display your preserved wedding flowers in, such as picture frames and resin moulds. Our collection starts from just £6 to £550 depending on the item you wish to preserve them in, we also offer package options ranging from £290 to £940. Visit our shop to view our stunning range.

How much does it cost to preserve a wedding day bouquet?

Why you should have your flowers preserved with us

Flowers that have been preserved don't require sunshine or watering. You don't have to regularly replace the bloom or remove the dried leaves from your flowers since they never wilt.  Because preserved flowers don't cause allergies, they are excellent for people who might be sensitive to pollen. Preserved flowers are a wonderful alternative to fresh flowers and plants in areas where it is impossible to decorate with them owing to a lack of sunshine and the ongoing need to water and care for plants. They also never draw insects or other pests.

Having your flowers preserved by us as soon as possible will ensure that the beauty of your flowers can be displayed in your home for years.

Ways to use your preserved wedding flowers

The day your wedding flowers die is a really sad occasion. Unless you decide to keep your wedding flowers, of course. A wonderful approach to preserve the memories of your big day is to preserve the flowers from your wedding. It seems like a waste to just toss them away after a week after spending so much time, thought, and money to design your bridal bouquet.

Your wedding flowers may be preserved in a variety of ways, some of which will keep them looking just as good as the day you first saw them. You may continue to savour the beauty of your wedding flowers for years to come by turning your bouquet into an ornament, piece of jewellery, or souvenir. With all of these possibilities, it's important to keep in mind that the sooner the better. Waiting for more than a few days puts your flowers in danger of withering or bruises.

How to prepare for the preservation of your wedding bouquet

We advise planning early when it comes to keeping your wedding flowers for the best outcomes. Here are some suggestions for keeping your wedding flowers at their best before preservation, both before and during the big day. To avoid browning when squeezed, ask your wedding florist not to use any spray preservatives on your bouquet. Until you can properly preserve them, keep your wedding flowers out of direct sunlight and replace the water periodically. Avoid the bridal custom of throwing the bouquet or replace it with a "dummy" bouquet to protect your flowers from bruising and breaking.

Your wedding flowers may be transformed by Suspended Petals into stunning resin forms, decorations, and letters that spell out your initials. Your wedding flowers are dried before being put in transparent resin moulds. Although the drying process can somewhat alter the colour of the flowers, the resin letters have the advantage of allowing your flowers to stand out and providing a unique piece of home décor. Although some of the blooms' original colours may fade over time, they will never rot or become brown. Although we utilise a very high-grade resin with a strong anti-yellow resistance to inhibit this process, the resin may ultimately acquire an amber hue and your preserved wedding flowers will look stunning on display.

Can a florist preserve a flower bouquet?

Yes, Suspended Petals offer this service, simply post your wedding flowers to us as soon as possible so we can begin the drying process to protect and preserve your flowers for display.

How do you preserve fresh flowers permanently?

Fresh flowers that have been cut only survive a short while before wilting. By conserving live flowers, you can prolong their attractiveness for longer. Although it takes many weeks and the flowers may lose some of their colour, air-drying flowers is a classic way to preserve flowers for a little while longer. If you want to hasten the process and keep more of the colour, you may also dry flowers in the microwave with silica sand. If you're feeling very daring, try coating flowers with paraffin wax to keep them looking fresh and healthy for weeks. After your flowers have been preserved, you can put them in a jar any way you wish.

There are many different ways to dry your flowers. Air drying your flowers is one of the most effective methods of preserving them, here's how to do it:

Choose flowers that are just beginning to blossom. It is better to pick flowers that have just blossomed and haven't fully opened because more mature blossoms are more prone to lose petals from air drying. Go outside in the morning after the dew has evaporated if you're selecting flowers from your own garden. Roses and hydrangeas are examples of flowers that air-dry effectively. Other excellent choices are cornflowers, marigolds, and lavender.

Trim the stems to size and remove extra leaves. Your flowers will take longer to dry and are more prone to develop mould if you leave more leaves on the stems. Trim the stems to a maximum length of 6 inches (15 cm). Longer stems may be bound more easily. After the blooms have dried, the stems may always be cut.

Tie your flowers with a rubber band or a piece of twine. When tying a bouquet of flowers together using twine, you may tighten it as the blooms wilt. Rubber bands, however, can function just as well. Make sure the flowers are knotted securely enough to prevent slipping out but not so firmly that the stems are being crushed. Crushed stems may remain wet and develop mould.

In a cool, dark location, hang the flowers upside down. Hang flowers reverse-side-up from a hook on a closet door or on a shelf using a piece of twine or ribbon. The flowers will dry more rapidly in a well-ventilated area. The flowers will maintain a little bit more colour if you keep them out of the sun. Within two to four weeks, the blossoms need to be dried. The flowers' colour will alter as they dry and lose some of their vibrancy.

When the flower stalks are easily breaking, remove them. The blooms are finished when their stalks halve neatly. You may either leave them whole to showcase dried bouquets or cut the flowers off and put them in a jar. To make the dried flowers survive even longer and prevent them from disintegrating, lightly mist them with hairspray. To hold your flowers even more firmly in place, use florist's foam.

After your flowers have been dried, you can put your flowers into many different decorations or ornaments for your house:


Using resin to preserve dried flowers is a creative approach to making a one-of-a-kind keepsake. No matter if they are your favourite flowers or flowers associated with a significant occasion, such as your wedding bouquet, resin preservation will record their beauty for all time.

Flawless design

Resin is a fantastic choice for preserving flowers because it is slick and smooth and beautifully transparent. The resin can be clear or colour can be added to give it a beautiful, colourful hue.

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