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Preserving Wedding Bouquet

The day you marry the person you love will surely be one of your life's most enchanted and memorable times. Your bridal bouquet will always stand out as one of the most precious memories you have since it is a representation of love, happiness, and fresh starts. Unfortunately, fresh individual flowers have a short existence and will ultimately wilt and die. This will leave you wishing to keep their beauty and the memories associated with them forever. Suspended Petals, a well-known flower preservation firm established in 2019, comes to the rescue. Let's look at the process of preserving wedding bouquet and the many pretty ways available from Suspended Petals in Warwickshire professional wedding flower preservation so that you may relive those precious moments for the rest of your life.

Bouquet of Dry Flowers

Taking Care of the Wedding Bouquet: Treasured Flower Preserver Memories 

Not only is a bridal bouquet an exquisite display of floral arrangement, but it also carries a significant amount of emotional weight. The couple's love story and aspirations for a happy future inspired the carefully selected flower during the wedding. However, as time passes, the vivid blossoms fade away, leaving brides desiring a means to preserve these priceless memories but unable to find a solution.

The Importance Of The Bouquets Used at Weddings

The bride's bouquet has a long and significant history and represents fertility, new beginnings, and the beginning of a new chapter in one's life. The bouquet toss from one person to another means transferring one person's good fortune and pleasure to the next. Choosing to preserve the bouquet allows you to savour the memories and feelings connected to your special day for many years to come.

The Craft Of Keeping Flowers Fresh For Longer

Preserving flowers is an age-old practice that has developed over the years. Today, various methods are taken to ensure that the flowers' beauty and meaning are held for all time.

The Bouquet Being Dried Up

One of the oldest and most reliable strategies for flower preservation is drying. The bouquet is dried with care using Suspended Petals, which removes moisture while preserving its natural shape.

The Flowers Being Compressed

The flowers are flattened, and their delicate look is preserved by pressing them, which entails laying the blossoms between layers of absorbent materials.

Encapsulation With Resin

Encapsulating flowers in resin results in gorgeous souvenirs since the blossoms are protected inside the crystal-clear, long-lasting resin.

Putting the Flowers in the Freezer

The current method of preservation, known as freezing, helps to keep the bouquet's brilliant colours and freshness longer than any other method.

Suspended Petals Wedding Bouquet Flower Preservation

Since its establishment in 2019, Suspended Petals has rapidly grown to become Warwickshire's most reputable wedding flower preservation love firm. Their purpose is to assist clients in developing cherished wedding keepsake memories with the actual flowers that hold the most meaning. Because of their dedication to quality bridal flower preservation workmanship and meticulous attention to detail, this firm stands out and is the best floral design option for preserving your wedding bouquet flowers.


Options For Wedding Bouquet Preservation Ideas Available at Suspended Petals

Suspended Petals provides different methods of bespoke and hand-crafted professional flower preservation alternatives, giving you the freedom to select the approach that will allow you to appreciate your fresh flowers in the best possible light for all time. The beauty of your bridal flower bouquet keepsake may be prominently displayed in your house when you frame it, and the process will capture the spirit of the occasion it was used to commemorate.

Bridal bouquet keepsake Made of Resin are a beautiful and modern way to flower preserve your whole bouquet, and they also allow you to create one-of-a-kind custom bouquet preservation works of art.


Various Items of Jewellery and Accessory

Create beautiful pieces of jewellery and other vase florist accessories out of the dry flowers that are most important to you so that you may keep them near to your heart. A flower bouquet preservation box offers a three-dimensional presentation, mixing additional memories from your wedding day with your bouquet and corsages to tell the story of your special day. 


Bridal Bouquet Preservation Frame

The flower press exquisiteness and the artist's ingenuity are expertly combined in framed works of art to create a magnificent masterpiece. Ornamental displays lend an air of sophistication to any room by transforming a simple bouquet into a prized focal point. At Suspended Petals, preservation is a labour of love for the staff. Each bouquet receives the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure that the natural beauty of the flowers is fully preserved.


Why Go With Suspended Petals at Your Wedding?

Suspended Petals is the clear winner for being the best option for keeping your bridal bouquet, and there are numerous reasons for this. The talented craftsmanship of Suspended Petals are true masters of their trade, ensuring their work will be of the highest quality.


Care and Focus on Specifics

Every component of your bouquet has been painstakingly maintained, ensuring that even the minutest of nuances are preserved. The preservation of your most treasured memories at Suspended Petals is carried out using techniques that minimise their impact on the natural world, as this company's top priority.

Ideas That Are One of A Kind For The Preserving  

The flower preservation techniques of Suspended Petals are not limited to the preservation of bridal bouquets. Take into consideration these creative options for preserving other florals.


Flower Petals 

Keep some petals from your arrangement and use them to make a potpourri or embellish your home with other decorative elements.


Flowers For The Anniversary

Keep a bouquet from each year's celebration of your love together so that you can enjoy it on each anniversary. Suspended Petals has impacted numerous couples' lives by transforming their wedding flowers into treasured heirlooms to pass down through the generations. 


There is no better way to experience your special day's love and happiness than by wedding bouquet preservation. Suspended Petals in Warwickshire recognises the importance of your wedding flowers to you emotionally and provides various personalisation wedding flowers preservation choices to accommodate your tastes. By entrusting Suspended Petals with the care of your wedding flowers, you ensure that your memories will remain fresh and colourful and your blooms will be loved for the rest of your lives. Thank you for reading.

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