Imagine seeing the wedding flowers you dreamed about, discussed at length, thought about everyday & meticulously planned for generations to come.  With Suspended Petals thats exactly what you can do.


Is your style classic & elegant or bright & cheerful?  Whatever vision you have, Suspended Petals will keep that alive for a lifetime. 


This preservation piece is perfect for a larger selection of flowers of various sizes to truly showcase the beauty of your blooms. 


Included in the price is the drying of your flowers, 3 mock-up designs and the final preservation piece.  If you'd like more than 3 designs there will be an additional cost of £10 for 2 extra designs, this can be added on when the first designs are sent. 


Some flowers are not suitable for drying, you can find a full list of flowers that will not be accepted in our FAQ section.


Please note by purchasing from Suspended Petals you are agreeing to all terms & conditions.

23 x 16cm Rectangle

SKU: 364215376135191
  • All Suspended Petals pieces are custom made & therefore none refundable.  However if you have any concerns after you have recieved your final piece please don't hesitate to get in touch.