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Bouquet Charms are perfect to preserve flowers from a loved ones funeral to keep a special part of them with you on your special day. 


We can add a picture of loved ones if you choose 2 or more links to the charm.   You must send the picture you want included.  If the picture includes more than one person please  be sure to make it clear to us in your order notes which person in the picture you'd like adding. 


Please note Oval charms with no heart or pin in the pictures will be sent with white or cream ribbon for attaching to your bouquet.  


We will only use a small portion of your flowers for our charms, it will look like small pieces of confetti, if you are ordering larger pieces from us we can use petals from your flowers without effecting the look of the flowers or your bigger preservation pieces.  If you have multiple colour flowers then we will add in some of every colour.  If your bouquet or flowers are only one colour, we will add some greenery from the flowers sent to us to add some dimension to the charm.  


Please contact us if you have any questions.  


By purchasing with Suspended Petals you are agreeing to all terms & conditions.  Please read all our FAQ's for more information on the preservation process. 

Bouquet Charm

PriceFrom £30.00
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