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We are currently having some supplier delays on frames sized 18" x 7" and above.  This will likely impact our timeframe on compeltion of your finished pieces.  If you would like a frame and want to check if our smaller frames will fit your needs please contact us.  


We can offer vinyl lettering in any colour you wish, we will endeavour to get the closest colour possible however shades may vary.  Please leave a note at checkout with the vinyl colour you require.  


Select the best frame option & style for you below.  We offer White, Oak or Black frame options.  White & Oak frames come with a white background, Black frames come with a black background.  


If ordering corner flowers to be added then please order a frame 1-2 sizes bigger than needed to allow for this. 

For Name Frames please see the sizes below:


16x6 inch - ideal surnames with 6 letters or less


18x7 inch - ideal for 7 - 9 letters


20x8 inch - ideal for 10 -11 letters


22x10 inch - ideal for 12 - 15 letters


We can use flower petals or confetti to create these pieces so you only need to send one sachet (or whatever you used for your confetti) or a handful of petals including all the colours you wish to you use.  If you are ordering another preservation piece from us, there is no need to send extra flowers.  We can take a few petals from each of the flowers you send and it will not effect the look of your other pieces, you won't even notice they're a couple of petals short.  If you are ordering this as a stand alone piece you will be able to send your petals or confetti in an envelope.  Just be sure to add all the colours you want included.


We can work with fresh, artificial or previously dried flowers.

Fresh flowers will change during the drying process, colours can change and bruising or damage can become more apparent.


White flowers will change the most, they are not truly white and the change can be quite drastic, they can become brown, cream or yellow.  There is no way to predict this prior to the drying stage, and changes to flowers will not be known until they are already dry.  


Please read our terms and conditions for more information.


By ordering from Suspended Petals you are agreeing to all Terms & Conditions.


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