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Resin Flower Preservation / Bouquet Preservation / Preserving & How To Preserve Flowers

If you've ever received a lovely flower bouquet, you've probably considered how to keep each flower fresh. You might even wonder if you can use a fresh flower in resin flower preservation. Unfortunately, the short answer to this is no. The flower needs to be dried before they can be placed in resin. Bouquet preservation will require flower drying before they can be used for a floral decoration using resin.


Resin is a versatile substance with numerous applications, but embedding items in resin is always popular among DIY enthusiasts. Small trinkets, coins, stones, beads, bottle caps, and, of course, a flower can all be embedded. A flower is fragile, lovely, and ideal for embedding in resin to preserve its beauty.


Once your flowers arrive with us we will let you know.  They will then be prepared for drying where they will be for a minimum of two weeks.  When they are ready for the resin process we will email you again with an updated dispatch time.  This will also be the time we can discuss how you envision your preservation pieces will look.

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Can you preserve a bouquet of fresh flowers in resin?

How do you preserve flowers? Are they real dried flowers?

Yes, we use real flowers when designing and making your resin mold. The simplest method for preserving cut flowers is to air dry them. We remove any superfluous leaves and gather the flower stems into little bunches with a diameter of about 1/2 inch. Using a rubber band, we secure the stems. Because the stems will shrink a little, we ensure the band is snug. We use the dried flower method to preserve dried flowers.

How long does flower preservation last?

Roses can be preserved in a number of ways, but not all of them will remain indefinitely. You can dry them, but they will become extremely brittle and fade with time. You can encapsulate a rose in transparent epoxy resin using this approach, which will completely retain the bloom and last much longer.

Does resin stop the flower from rotting?

If there is moisture in the resin, it may not cure properly, causing the flowers to decay inside the resin over time. Before utilising your flowers in resin, ensure they are totally dry. The blossoms will turn brown inside the resin if there is any moisture left in them. Preserved flowers in resin using a bouquet can be a tricky craft if you're not experienced. Dried resin flowers is an art form that many people are starting to enjoy and appreciate. With fresh flowers dried, you'll be able to start the resin process.

Can you preserve fresh flowers from a wedding?

We'll call you 6-8 weeks before your wedding to discuss which of our designs we'll use to preserve your flowers. We'll also talk about how to get your flowers to us; we have a same-day courier service and can give you instructions if you want to send them via Royal Mail. At this point, we'd like to receive the final payment.


If you choose a design before then, please let us know, but there's no need to hurry!

Get married and have the time of your life! Once your reservation has been confirmed, all you have to do now is sit back and enjoy the build-up to your big day! If you're going on your honeymoon the day following your wedding, we recommend enlisting the help of a trusted loved one to package and transport your flowers to us. After you've placed your order, you'll receive an email with further instructions. To guarantee that your flowers get with us as quickly as possible, we recommend using Royal Mail 24 hour delivery. If you choose our courier service, we will arrange for collection and make sure you have all of the necessary information.


We will begin making your preservation designs after your flowers have dried and a design has been decided upon. Depending on the design chosen, this could take anywhere from one to four weeks. We can add many items such as jewellery, wood figures etc from your wedding alongside the fresh dried flowers. We'll let you know as soon as it's finished, and we'll send you photos. It will be delivered to you the next working day; unless a courier service has been arranged, we dispatch all completed orders via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Let us design your bouquet preservation with real dried flowers

Suspended Petals can preserve and encapsulate your flowers so they can be displayed indefinitely. Flowers from wedding bouquets, funeral tributes, engagements, anniversaries, and valentines are all preserved by us. We take great pride and produce excellent results with your new product. We are very experienced and know exactly how to preserve fresh flowers in resin. 

When your flowers arrive with us, we will notify you. Following that, they'll be prepared for drying, which will take at least two weeks. Once they're ready for the resin process, we'll send you another email with an updated dispatch time. This is also the time for us to discuss the appearance of your preservation components.

Each preservation order takes between 2 and 6 months to process and complete; after your preservation is scheduled, we will provide you with a more precise timeline when it becomes available.

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