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Resin Preserved Flowers

- Hold on to those precious wedding day memories

We understand that many people love to hold on to their wedding flowers after they get married. The problem is, wedding flowers are expensive and they don't last too long. This is why we established our business, we preserve your flowers so you can enjoy them forever. Let's take a closer look at what preserved wedding flowers are.


What is Resin?

Organic or synthetic substances can be used to create resin, a viscous liquid polymer. Their advantage is that they can change from a liquid to a solid form that can be customised in a lot of ways. In reaction to injury, plants release resins for their defensive properties. The resin shields the plant from infections and insects. The preservation of insects in amber is a striking illustration of the lifespan and toughness of resin.

What are resin preserved flowers?

Using resin to preserve dried flowers is a creative approach to making a one-of-a-kind keepsake. No matter if they are your favourite flowers or flowers associated with a significant occasion, such as wedding flower preservation or preserved funeral flowers, resin preservation will capture their beauty for all time. In addition to creating a nostalgic art piece, you may create a unique piece of practical home décor by preserving flowers in resin. Some of the most well-liked uses for resin flower preservation include ring holders, coasters, and trinket trays.

Gift ideas

The Eternal Rose - You may have seen these already; real roses are taken, dried, and placed inside a container that makes it look like the real roses stay alive and are hovering in mid-air. This is a wonderful gift idea for an anniversary or any occasion.

Initials - These resin letters are among the most well-liked designs that our customers select. They work well with little and medium-sized flowers, as well as with greenery. We can also enclose any additional emotional objects, such as ribbons, brooches, hairpins, etc.

Transparent Spheres - Our spheres feature a flat bottom to keep them a safe gift and make it simple for you to display your flowers in your house.

Date Frames - A special and individual method to remember a special date. These date frames are produced specifically for you and can be personalised with your own flowers. Another wonderful gift idea.

Wedding bouquet preservation 
A Perfect Anniversary Gift

- We are specialists in wedding bouquet preservation 

Every bride has wedding bouquets at their wedding and it is tradition to throw the flower bouquet to the bridal party. Perhaps you were the one that caught the flower bouquet and you would like to give something back to the bride. Wedding bouquet flower preservation could be the perfect gift idea. What makes them the ideal gift? What bride would not want to keep her flower bouquet? It's a wonderful keepsake and a reminder of the bride and groom's love for each other. Perhaps you can plan the gift in advance and make it the best surprise 1st-anniversary gift. Imagine the bride's face when you present her with the gift of her wedding flower bouquet a year after she was convinced the flowers were gone.

Suspended Petals - Flower Preservation Specialists

Wedding flower preservation is our speciality. simply because this is the most popular type of flower to preserve. Bridal flower preservation started many years ago - There have been findings of preserved flowers in ancient Egyptian tombs but flower bouquet preservation in resin is a relatively new concept. It's durable and sleek finish make it almost invisible which is why so many people choose to do this.

How to dry your wedding bouquet

Before casting a genuine bouquet of flowers in resin, the flower petals in the flower bouquet must be entirely dry if you want to preserve them. To hasten the drying process, you can use microwave flowers. Place the flowers in a hefty book, sandwiched between two sheets of parchment paper, and press them there for about a week. Another method for flower drying is using silica gel, which is also one of the most common techniques. The form of the flower is preserved by letting the blossoms dry in a silica gel-covered container. Real roses can be turned into an eternal rose presentation that will look stylish and beautiful in any setting.

 Eternal Flowers - Preserving Your Wedding Flowers Forever

We can assist you whether you are making last-minute plans or have been thinking about flower preservation for some time. We understand that picking the ideal design requires time and careful consideration because your preservation will be with you for the rest of your life. With this in mind, we collaborate with you to choose the ideal style and provide a free design service on a few style possibilities. We also welcome your opinion on the preservation's design. To confirm your reservation, we ask for a small deposit but we won't ask you to select your preservation designs until after your flowers have dried. If the flower petals are not properly dried, they can turn brown in the resin. It can take up to 6 months to complete the entire process so bear this in mind if you are considering preserved flowers as a gift idea. Have your eternal flowers prepared and captured in style.

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