Terms & Conditions

By purchasing from Suspended Petals you are agreeing
to the following terms & conditions.

  1. You are consenting to allow Suspended Petals to create a flower preservation with the flowers you send to us.

  2. Each order is customised to suit you, you are giving us permission to complete this work on your behalf.

  3. It is the clients responsibility to ensure flowers reach us in the best condition.

  4. We preserve flowers to the best of our abilities, but cannot take responsibility for poor results due to damaged, wilted, rotten or bruised flowers when they arrive with us. 

  5. All flowers and included keepsakes we accept and preserve become 100% of our property until all fees applicable for preserving and postage are paid in full.

  6. Changes and damage can become apparent to flowers during the preservation process, this can be lightening or darkening of colour, browning, becoming transparent.  Suspended Petals is not responsible for poor results due to any of these issues.  

  7. Lighter flowers show damage and bruising more than darker colours.  They can become transparent once set into resin,  White flowers rarely stay white once dry, they can have a yellow or brown hue and can also become transparent.  Suspended Petals cannot accept responsibility for this.

  8. Flowers and other inclusions can appear distorted or magnified once the preservation process is completed.  Lines may be apparent on the side edges of pieces, this is because of how our preservations are created.  This cannot be removed, changed or altered and is not classed as a defect.

  9. It is at the discretion of Suspended Petals which of your flowers and foliage is most suitable for preservation.

  10. Suspended Petals cannot guarantee the final product and therefore all preservations are created at the clients own risk.

  11. Flowers or other keepsakes included cannot be removed once preserved. 

  12. Flowers hold natural air pockets, these appear as bubbles once set into resin.  We endeavour to remove them all, however this is not always possible and is out of our control.  These cannot always be removed or altered and is not classed as a defect

  13. Suspended Petals can withdraw, refuse or cancel all orders and preservation works at any time.  

  14. Once your flowers are dry you have 6 weeks to finalise your designs & complete your purchase.  It is at our own discretion if we extend this time, this will be done on a case by case basis.  Flowers will be destroyed after this time unless you request and cover the cost of return postage.  

Refunds and Exchanges

Suspended Petals do not offer refunds or exchanges, all orders placed are unique and

custom to the client, therefore cannot be reimbursed.

  •  In the event an order has been damaged during its journey to the client or for any reason you are unhappy with your order we must be advised within 24 hours of receipt.  Pictures of the damaged or faulty item and the original packaging must be sent to us.  We will then liaise with you to find a solution.  If your order needs to be returned, the order and the original packaging must be sent back to us and a new order or the damaged piece will be repaired within approximately 3-4 weeks. Please note this is an approximation.  The client is responsible for all fees incurred when sending items back to us.

  • All completed orders are sent with a tracking number via Royal Mail Special Delivery. 

  • Should an order be lost on its journey, we will endeavour to replace the order using any remaining flowers within 3-4 weeks from it being classed as lost.  An item is deemed as lost if it has not been delivered by the end of the 5th working day after its due delivery date.  Please note replacement flowers may have to be purchasing by Suspended Petals in order to fulfil the replacement item(s).  This could result in slight differences in colour and size etc but every effort will be made to get exact replicas where possible. 

  • In the unlikely event an incorrect order is issued to the client, we require return of the 'incorrect order' in it's complete original packaging within 7 days of receipt. 

  • Suspended Petals liability is strictly limited to the full purchase price of the order. 

  • The full balance of your order must be paid in full prior to your preservation pieces being created

  • Deposits are non-refundable.  After your payment has been received you are committed to following your order through to its conclusion.  If for any reason, you decide that you no longer wish to proceed with having your flowers preserved you will still be liable for the full outstanding amount of your order as we only take limited orders each week.

  • Flowers and inclusions received by Suspended Petals are the property of Suspended Petals until full and final payment been made.

  • Orders sent to Northern Ireland may be subject to customs fees which are the responsibility of each customer and failure to pay these may result in packages being returned to Suspended Petals.  Any further postage to get the package to customers is the responsibility of the customer to pay along with any subsequent customs fees.

  • Northern Irish orders over 1,000 Euros will be sent in multiple packages to comply with Royal Mail shipping requirements. 

  • All order sent to Northern Ireland are expected to arrive within 3-5 working days and will be sent via Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

This will not affect your statutory rights.