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Wedding Flower Preservation

After your wedding day have you thought about saving your wedding flowers with wedding flower preservation? At a wedding, there are so many flowers making up a wedding bouquet, for the bride & bridesmaids etc. Why after a wedding event just through them away when you can use the services of wedding bouquet flower preservation? 

Most brides deeply regret not saving a wedding bouquet, most brides probably do not realize there is such a thing as wedding bouquet preservation. 

Bridesmaids Dresses

Suspended Petals - Specialist Wedding Bouquet Preservation Service

Flowers in any shape or form play a huge part in our lives. The lifespan of a flower is short why not encapsulate the beauty of a flower as a forever keepsake? With this in mind, I established a company dedicated to flower preservation, thus Suspended Petals was born. And here I aim to change that perception with our flower preservation services.

Preserved Wedding Flowers for that Perfect Keepsake

I aim to preserve the natural beauty of flowers, whether it's wedding flowers or a beautiful wedding bouquet. With the methods and processes, we use to ensure wedding bouquet preservation. You will not be disappointed, you will be able to keep your flowers on display forever.

How Do We Care For Wedding Flowers & Bouquets? 

Ideally straight after a wedding event has taken place the flowers need to be sent to our Nuneaton flower preservation workshop. Here the flowers will be dried out to preserve their natural beauty and colours, this process can take up to 4 weeks. 

Getting a Flowers to our Workshop

If you are in the Nuneaton area, flowers can be dropped off directly at our workshop, although please contact us first and reserve a place. 

Once you have reserved a time and date and paid a deposit. We will email you information on how to get the flowers to us if you are unable to hand deliver them.

Flower Bouquet Preservation Design Options

On our website, we have a large selection to choose from, such as a custom flower preservation frame, flower preservation resin coasters, spheres, cubes, hexagons or square blocks to name a few. 

Wedding Flowers & Wedding Bouquet Preservation Ideas 

As an example, we have listed two of the many packages & wedding bouquet preservation ideas available on our website. Whether you want a wedding flower preservation frame or a wedding bouquet keepsake. We will have a perfect way to display the preserved flowers from your wedding. 

To Cherish Keepsake Package

1 x 25cm Square Block or Heart

2 x Sphere tealights

1 x Small Gem Block

1 x Hanging heart

Forever & Always Keepsake Package

1 x 20cm Square Block or Heart

8 x Coasters

1 x Large ring holder

1 x 17cm x 6cm Frame

Our Bouquet Flower Preservation Services

See below for a full list of flower preservation wedding flower & funeral flower preservation.


  • Wedding bridal flowers preservation

  • Personalized flower preservation 

  • Bouquet preservation 

  • Bridal bouquet memorial flowers & Bridal flower preservation 

  • Funeral flowers preservation 

We Preserve Flowers from all Events

It's not just weddings we cater for, we can preserve flowers from any events, such as birthday flowers, and funeral flowers. Whatever your event and if you want the beauty of flowers preserved, we are specialists in our field. 

Unlike Etsy, we offer a personalised bespoke flower keepsake prestigious service. We encapsulate flowers in such a way their beauty is forever. 

Book our Wedding Flowers Preservation Service

Get in touch with us today and book our bespoke wedding flowers or funeral flowers to preserve and maintain their beauty forever.

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