Hello, I'm Ronni.  Owner, designer and creator at Suspended Petals based from our family home in Warwickshire.  

I deeply regret not saving my wedding bouquet.  I spent so much time dreaming of how it would look and making sure our florist shared my vision completely (and not forgetting it cost a fortune!) 


There was only box frames that hang on your walls available at the time.  My husband and I are both minimal in our home décor and we knew we would never showcase a piece like that in our home.  So, as much it pained me I watched as my flowers decayed and then heartbroken threw them in the bin. 

A few years later I found resin, after months and months of research I found the perfect way to preserve flowers within the resin!  Oh how I wish I'd known how to do this or a company that did it when I got married!  

I don't want another couple to feel the regret and disappointment I felt, so Suspended Petals was born.  I've made it my mission to provide a modern, timeless and classic way for people to have a keepsake from a special moment in their lives.  Flowers are a huge part of our lives but have such a short lifespan.  It's always a shame to have such a beautiful gift or tribute go to waste when there's a way to keep them forever. 

I'm looking forward to working with you and discovering your flower preservation vision.